Over The Top

Having an internet presence is increasingly relevant and indispensable for commercial firms, since this year alone the number of web users will be 4.2 billion, according to information projected by Statista. Consequently, transmitting and disseminating content to devices connected to the internet is an activity that gains importance in a world that constantly interacts in this medium, and just a type of platform that provides this service those called Over The Top (OTT)

Over The Top platforms are those that transmit information to electronic devices connected to the web, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs. Likewise, the source indicates that they have special participation in audiovisual content, such as movies and television series through a membership granted by proprietary companies.

The Over The Top platforms are in constant relationship with the media, at the same time in which they highlight that they tend to be cheaper compared to the traditional method. OTT platforms have the ability to support both live chats and reproductions from the film industry. Some examples of such platforms are Netflix and Skype. Likewise, this mechanism is in constant struggle with traditional television transmission, however, more and more firms are betting on this and leaving aside the methods that have already been in the market for years.